Vivian Woodward

His mind is full of ideas which he is constantly putting into shape...he can develop a plan as he runs...
In these days, whilst the game in its most highly developed stages is passing largely  into the hands of the paid player, it is well to know that we have an amateur of the class and calibre of Vivian Woodward, who would scorn to do a mean action and is incapable of an unfair one.
Alfred Gibson and William Pickford in Association Football And The Men Who Made It (1906).

Vivian Woodward was an architect by profession. He began his football with Clacton Town, joining Tottenham Hotspur in 1901, and then moving on to Chelsea in 1909. 
He won 23 caps for England (1903–1911) scoring 29 goals.
He also made 30 appearances for the England Amatuers from 1906–1914, scoring a remarkable 44 goals. For England Amateurs he scored a hattrick on 3 occasions,4 in a match on 2 occasions, and six goals on one occasion. 
Woodward won Olympic gold medals in 1908 and 1912.