Italy 1898

Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club

The first Italian championship was decided, quite literally, during the course of one day. as only four teams entered a tournament was held at Velodromo Umberto I in Turin on 8th May 1898.The semi-finals were played in the morning, the final at 15:00. Less than 100 people watched the final. 
Genoa Cricket and Athletic Club was founded by British ex-pats as an exclusive cricket club in 1893. 
In 1896 Dr. James Richardson Spensley joined the club. Football was introduced and membership was extended to Italians.
There is always some debate as to whether Genoa are the oldest Football Club in Italy. Their foundation year is given as 1893 but football was not played until 1897. Internationale Torino claim 1891 as a foundation year- and their predecessors Torino Football and Cricket Club were playing the game in 1887.

Semi finals:
Internazionale Torino  2-1 Foot-Ball Club Torinese 
Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club 2-0 Reale Società Ginnastica Torino 

 Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club 2-1 Internazionale Torino (after extra time)

Genoa included: 6 Italians, 4 Englishmen and a Swiss, 

Internazionale Torino : 6 Italians, 2 Englishmen, 2 Swiss and a Frenchman