Luis Monti

Uruguay didn’t make the trip to defend their world title in Italy in 1934- a unique occurrence in the history of the World Cup. This was said to be in response to the way in which European teams had snubbed ‘their’ finals in 1930- there was also some suggestion that the top Uruguayan clubs discouraged their players from going to Europe for fear that it would prove to be a one way trip. There was a vogue for South American players to ‘return’ to their countries of origin- which brings us on to Luis Felipe Monti.
Monti, nicknamed Doble Ancho (double wide), won 3 league championships with Buenos Aires'  San Lorenzo de Almagro in the 1920's.  He won a  silver medal 1928 Olympics, and played for Argentina in the 1930 World Cup final.  In total Monti won 16 caps (5 goals) for Argentina between 1924 and 1931. In 1931 Monti moved to Italy, joining Juventus. Monti won 18 caps (1 goal) for Italy between 1932 and 1936, and appeared in the 1934 World Cup final. The only man to play in a World Cup final for 2 different countries, he was one of  three oriundi in the victorious  Azzurri squad.
It is famously reported that Monti received death threats in the lead up to the 1930 final; he said that he was threatened by Uruguayans if Argentina won, and by Argentines if they lost. There are theories that link these threats to Italian agents keen to secure his services. Monti later said that  in 1934 he was again threatened with death if he lost, such was the expectation that the fascist regime placed on the team.

Thanks to JFK.