Oxford University - Tour of Austria 1899

Football was introduced to  Austria in the mid-1890's by the English community in Vienna.
The Austrian Football Association, (Comité zur Veranstaltung von Fußballwettspielen), was founded in 1898 by Mark Nicholson, a former West Bromwich Albion professional.
In 1899  the Vienna Cricket & Football Club invited Oxford University AFC to play in Austria.

The tour began in Prague on March 28th. Oxford played Slavia Prague on the day of their arrival.  Slavia were considered the strongest team on the continent; Oxford beat them 3-0. The next day they beat DFC Prague 9-0.
On 1st April  the team arrived in Vienna.
The Vienna Cricket & Football Club honoured them with a banquet, with Mark Twain amongst the guests.
On 2nd April  Oxford University AFC beat a select team of Vienna-born players 15-0 at the WAC-Platz.
The following day, at the same ground, they beat a combined Viennese and  English team 13-0.