FC Escocès

FC Sant Andreu was formed in 1899 by Scottish textile workers living in Barcelona.
The following year the team was known as FC Escocès.
FC Escocès' first official fixture was on February 2nd 1900- their opponents were Barcelona (playing only their sixth game). Two goals from Joan Gamper won the game for Barça.
Escocès record that season was played 10, won 7 lost 3 (two defeats at the hands of Barcelona and one against HMS Calliope).
FC Escocès only lasted a season. This was largely due to a boycott imposed on Scottish players by Barcelona. Aggrieved at Escocès players turning out for their main rivals Català, Barcelona would not play against any team that featured Scottish players. In a case of cut off your nose to spite your face they also refused to use Scots players themselves.
When FC Escocès was dissolved the ban was lifted, and Barcelona took on three former Escocès players with considerable success.
Goalkeeper John Hamilton initially joined Hispania, winning the Copa Macaya in 1901. On transferring to Barcelona Hamilton converted to a right full back, and was in the Barcelona side that won the Catalàn championship in 1904.
The versatile Geordie Girvan scored the first ever goal for Barça in an official competition, during a Copa Macaya game on January 20, 1901.
David Mauchan was noted for his skillful ball control and great strength.
Mauchan and Hamilton both went on to be referees.