Paulistas v Cariocas 1901

A major milestone in the development of football in Brazil came in 1901 when a team representing Rio de Janeiro traveled  400 kms  to play against a side representing São Paulo .

Paulistas: Holland, Nobilling , E. Boyes, Ibañez Salles, Charles Miller,Godffrey; Antonio C. Costa, Mass, L. Boyes, René Vanordem , Savoy.

Charles Miller on the ball.

Cariocas:back: Mario Frias, Walter Schuback  Louis da Nóbrega.
middle: Oscar Cox, A. Wright et J. McCulloch. 
front: Francis Walter, Horácio da Costa Santos, Eurico de Moraes, Júlio de Moraes et Félix Frias.

Charles Miller-  São Paulo Athletic Club

Oscar Cox-Founded Fluminense in 1902

The matches were played at São Paulo Athletic Club with a very early kick off (about 5 in the morning!) 
Two of the most important figures in the history of Brazilian football were brought together by these fixtures-Charles Miller, who introduced football to Brazil, playing for Paulistas and Oscar Cox, pioneer of football in Rio de Janeiro, playing for Cariocas.

19.10.01 Paulistas 1- 1 Cariocas * 
20.10.01 Paulistas  2 - 2 Cariocas

*Sources give conflicting scores and dates - some give the first game as being a 2-2 draw, followed on 22nd October by a 0-0 draw.