Southampton Tour of Argentina and Uruguay 1904

In the 1903-04 season Southampton won the Southern League. In June they embarked on a tour of Argentina,the first professional football team to do so.

 26.6.04     Alumni 0-3 Southampton FC (Buenos Aires) 
   3.7.04     Británicos  0-10 Southampton FC (Buenos Aires)
   6.7.04     Belgrano Ath.Club 1-6 Southampton FC (Buenos Aires) 
   9.7.04     Argentinos  0-8 Southampton FC (Buenos Aires) 
 10.7.04     Liga Argentina 3-5 Southampton FC (Buenos Aires) 
 12.7.04     Liga Uruguay 1-8 Southampton FC  (Montevideo)  

One of the tourists, inside forward Edgar Bluff, was bought out of the Army by Southampton's directors and he repayed them by scoring at least 15 goals on the tour.