Valparaíso F.C. 1893

One of the earliest football clubs in Chile was Mackay and Sutherland FC formed in 1882 by students of the British school in Valparaiso.The first captain, Andrew Gemmell, was one of the founding members of the Football Association of Chile in 1895. Mackay and Sutherland was one of the eight original teams in the association.

In 1889 David Scott (a journalist) formed a club in Valparaíso. The development of the game was interrupted by the civil war, and the official foundation date of Valparaíso F.C. is recognized as April 10th 1892.
In August 1893 Valparaíso F.C. travelled to Santiago where they played a fixture with Santiago Cricket and Athletic Club (in effect a Santiago select) which they won 7-2. The Valparaiso line up reveals their British make up: Webb; MacNoughton, Reynolds, Roberts, Bailey, Crangle, Baldwin, Woodgate, D. Scott,  Fleming, Simpson.
In Novemeber that year Valparaíso F.C. formed the backbone of a Valparaíso Select XI that drew with a Buenos Aires Select at Viña del Mar.
The Chilean Football Federation was founded on June 19th 1895, making it the second oldest South American federation, however Chile did not play thier first full international until 27th May 1910, when they met  Argentina in the Copa Centenario Revolución de Mayo.

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