Turkey-The Istanbul Sunday League

HMS Imogene FC 1904-05

 Cadi-keuy FC 1905-06
Cadi-keuy FC 1906-07
 Moda FC 1907-1908
Galatasaray SK 1908-09
Galatasaray SK 1909-10

Galatasaray SK 1910-11

 Fenerbahçe SK 1911-12
 Fenerbahçe SK 1913-14

The Istanbul Sunday League was started in 1904 and was the first football league in Turkey. With Turks legally barred from playing football, foreign influence, particularly British and Greek, was great. In fact, the first ever winners of the Istanbul Sunday League were HMS Imogene FC, drawn from the crew of a British naval vessel. By 1906 more familiar names were appearing: Galatasaray won 3 titles in a row up to 1911, followed by the first triumph of their arch rivals Fenerbahçe.