Arthur Kinnaird

The Hon.Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird, later Lord Kinnaird, played in 9 FA Cup Finals (plus two replays).
1873- Wanderers- winner. Played as a forward and scored in a 2-0 win over Oxford University.
1875- Old Etonians- runner up- Played as a back in both the final and the replay, which was won by Royal Engineers.
1876- Old Etonians- runner up-Played as a forward in both the final and the replay, which was won by  Wanderers.
1877- Wanderers- winner- Played in goal in the 2-1 victory over Oxford University, and scored an own goal*.
1878- Wanderers- winner- Played at half back in a 3-1 win over Royal Engineers, scoring 1 goal.**
1879Old Etonians- winner- Played at half back, Clapham Rovers were beaten 1-0
1881 Old Etonians- runner up-Played at half back, Old Carthusians ran out 3-0 winners.
1882 - Old Etonians- winner- Played at half back, Blackburn Rovers beaten 1-0.
1883Old Etonians- runner up-Played at half back, Blackburn Olympic won 3-1

Kinnaird was instantly recognizable by his red beard and long white trousers, (although a Scotland team photograph of 1879 shows him wearing three quarter length knickers), and was known for his robust approach to play.

Kinnaird made his only official appearance for Scotland in the second international- a 4-2 defeat to England at the Oval in 1873. He played in 3 nonofficial 'internationals' for Scotland (against England) between 1870 and 1872.

* Kinnaird caught a high ball and stepped over the goal line in doing so. The goal was allowed  , however, tradition has it that Kinnaird was later able to persuade the FA to expunge the goal from the official record of the game. 
**  Contemporary  sources state that Kinnaird took a free kick from which a 'scrimmage' developed, the ball being carried over the line, and the actual scorer's identity could not be determined from this melee.