Tie Cup 1900

The Tie Cup first held in July and August 1900, was contested by representatives of the ArgentinaRosario (Santa Fe) and Uruguay football associations. It is one of the the earliest international club football tournaments. 
Matches were played in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rosario. A trophy was donated by Francis Hepburn Chevallier Boutell, the president of Argentine Association Football League. The tournament was played on an annual basis until 1919.


Rosario AC -   

Belgrano AC

Belgrano AC -Belgrano Athletic Club was officially founded in 1896.  members of the Club Inglés de Belgrano were playing football as early as 1894.

Lomas AC - The club was founded as Lomas Academy Athletic Club on March 15th, 1891 by a group of English immigrants.

English High School
English High School- founded by the father of Argentine football,  Alexander Watson Hutton. English High School later became  Alumni AC. Although officially founded in 1898, the first team had been formed in 1893.

  Quilmes -Quilmes and Polo Club was founded by British immigrants in 1880. In 1887 the club changed its name to Quilmes Rovers Athletic Club. The Football club was 100% British in composition.

Rosario is located 300 km northwest of Buenos Aires. Rosario AC was founded as a cricket club by British railway workers in 1867.



Albion - founded in 1891 and the first domestic side to win a game outside Uruguay,  against Argentine club Retiro in Buenos Aires (1896).

Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club- predecessors of the great Club Atlético Peñarol, established in  September 1891, and played their first match in 1892.

Montevideo Cricket withdrew.

15.7.00 Belgrano AC 4-1 Lomas AC (Buenos Aires)
15.7.00 English High School 2-1 Quilmes AC (Lomas de Zamora)   
 5.8.00 Albion 1-0 aet CURCC (Deutscher) 

12.8.00 Albion 0-1 (aet) Belgrano AC (Montevideo)
12.8.00 Rosario AC 3-1 English High School (Plaza Jewell) 

 26.8.00 Belgrano AC 2-0 Rosario AC (Flores)