The growth of International Football -1905

12.2.05   France 1-0 Switzerland (Parc des Princes, Paris) 
25.2.05   England 1-1 Ireland   (Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough)
  6.3.05   Wales 3-1 Scotland (Racecourse Ground, Wrexham)
18.3.05   Scotland 4-0 Ireland (Celtic Park, Glasgow)
27.3.05   England 3-1 Wales (Anfield, Liverpool)
  1.4.05   England 1-0 Scotland (The Crystal Palace, London)
  8.4.05   Ireland 2-2 Wales (Solitude, Belfast)
  9.4.05   Hungary 0-0 Austria   (Millenáris, Budapest)
30.4.05   Belgium 1-4 Netherlands  (Beerschot AC-Platz,  Antwerp)
  7.5.05   Belgium 7-0 France   (Vivier d'Oie, Brussels)   
14.5.05   Netherlands 4-0 Belgium   (Schuttersveld, Rotterdam)
15.8.05   Argentina 0-0 Uruguay   (Campo de la Sociedad Sportiva Arg. Buenos Aires) 


The continental football scene expanded as FIFA members Switzerland and Netherlands played their inaugural matches. England joined FIFA in April.
The first international trophies were introduced, Netherlands and Belgium played for the Coupe Vanden Abeele and Argentina and Uruguay contested the Copa Lipton. The Copa Lipton match ended goalless; extra time was played but this was abandoned after 24 minutes due to nightfall. The records show Uruguay as being the winners, as they were awarded the trophy as the visitors!