Coupe Van der Straeten Ponthoz 1900

In 1900 the Belgian count Van der Straeten Ponthoz offered a cup to the winner of an international tournament. At the time national  leagues existed in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland , and as the champions of these leagues were all in the tournament, the press dubbed it the continental championship.

RAP (1899)
Belgium: Antwerp FC,Racing(Brussels- entered 2 sides),Léopold FC(Brussels)
Switzerland: Grasshopper Club Zürich  
Netherlands: H.V.V.Den Haag,R.A.P.(Amsterdam) 

First Round
R.A.P.                2-1 Racing
H.V.V.                8-1 Léopold
Racing II             walk over  Antwerp FC
Grasshopper           bye

Grasshopper           2-3 R.A.P.
H.V.V.                3-0 Racing II

R.A.P.                2-1 H.V.V.