Scotland v Wales 1876

Wales played their first international  at the West of Scotland Cricket Club, Partick, Glasgow on March 25th 1876.
The Football Association of Wales had been founded at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel in Wrexham on 2nd February 1876 in order to make arrangements for this match against Scotland.
 Wales lost 4-0.
If you can read the programme in the illustration you may notice that the team colours are not actually identified. The distinguishing colours of the Scots' stockings/ caps are mentioned. Identifying colours are listed for ten of the Wales players, and I assume this is a reference to stockings.
Wales' first international XI were:

Goal Keeper: David Thomson (Druids/Shropshire Wanderers)

Backs:  William Evans (Oxford University)
             Llewelyn Kenrick (Capt.) (Druids/Shropshire Wanderers)

Half backs: Edwin Cross (Wrexham)
                 William Williams (Druids)

Forwards:  Daniel Grey (Druids)
                 William Davies (Oswestry)
                 George Thomson (Druids)
                 John Hawley Edwards (Wanderers/Shrewsbury)
                 John Jones (Druids)
                 Alfred Davies (Wrexham)