Russia 1912-13

A poster advertising 2 matches in St Petersburg in April 1912- Sweden  against an All St Petersburg and a Russian Select Team.

1912 was a big year in Russian Football. In January the All-Russian Football Union was founded. Russia joined FIFA, and played their first official international at the Stockholm Olympics on 30th June . Moscow and St Petersburg were the major centres of football, and the national team was drawn from SKS Moscow, KSO Moscow, Union Moscow, KFS Moscow, ZKS Moscow, Kolomyagi St. Petersburg, Unitas St. Petersburg and Sport St. Petersburg.
It was a hard first year on the international scene- at the Olympics Russia lost 2-1 to Finland and were thrashed 16-0 by Germany in the consolation round. In July they lost two friendlies against Hungary in Moscow, 9-0 and 12-0.
Both St Petersburg and Moscow had well developed league systems by this time. In an attempt to 'nationalize' the game, a City Selections championship was arranged. Judging from the retirements, byes and forfeits and the ultimate non- award of the 1913 trophy, this venture was not a success, probably because of the logistical difficulties imposed by such a massive country.

Russia, 1912

Russian Championship (City Selections)

Moscow 6-1 Kharkov 
St. Petersburg bt Kiev [forfeit] 
Odessa bye 

Odessa retired, therefore there were no semifinals.
 Moscow 2-2 St. Petersburg [aet]
 Moscow 1-4 St. Petersburg 

 Quarterfinals (South)
Yusovka 5-1 Rostov 
Kharkov bt Kiev (forfeit) 
Kherson bt Sevastopol (forfeit) 
Odessa 3-2 Nikolaev 

 Semifinals (South)
Yusovka 1-2 Kharkov 
Odessa 10-0 Kherson 

 Final (South)
Kharkov 0-2 Odessa 

Semifinals (North)
Moscow 11-0 Bogorodsk
 St. Petersburg bt Lodz (forfeit)

 Final (North)
St. Petersburg 3-0 Moscow (aet) 

 Russian Final 
Odessa 4-2 St. Petersburg 

St. Petersburg appealed because Odessa fielded 4 foreigners (only 3 were allowed) and the FA decided not to award the title.