The Brown Brothers

The earliest decades of Argentine football are often described as the 'English Period', although the 'Scottish period' might be more accurate. As we have seen, the first championship saw two entirely Scottish teams , St Andrews and  Old Caledonians taking the top two places. (Old Caledonians were the 'works' team of Bautaume & Peason, the company building the drainage system of Buenos Aires). 
The 'father of Argentine Football', Alexander Watson Hutton, was from Scotland. 
His Club Atletico English High School evolved into Alumni Athletic Club- winners of 9 championships between 1900 and 1911. 

The Alumni team of this period featured  the seven Brown brothers, Jorge Gibson, Ernesto, Eliseo, Alfredo, Carlos Carr, Tomas and Diego Hope,  grandsons of a Scottish settler. The first five played for Argentina, as did their cousin Juan D Brown.

The Brothers...
Jorge Gibson Brown -El Patriarcho
Palermo, Lanus, Alumni AC, Quilmes,Argentina   1902-13, 23 appearances, 4 goals.

Alfredo Brown
Alumni AC, Argentina 1906-11. 9 appearances, 4 goals

Ernesto Brown - El Pacifico
Alumni AC, Argentina 1902-12, 12 appearances, 1 goal

Carlos Brown
Alumni AC, Argentina 1903-05. 2 appearances

Elisio Brown
Alumni AC, Argentina 1906-11 , 10 appearances, 6 goals

The Cousin...
Juan D. Brown*
Alumni AC, Quilmes, Agentina  1906- 16, 36 appearances, 2 goals

*  middle name is given variously as Dodds or Domingo