Uruguay v Argentina, 20.07.1902

One of the fiercest and oldest rivalries in international football is that between Argentina and Uruguay. Whereas England and Scotland have played each other 110 times since 1872, the neighbours on the River Plate have faced each other 198 times to date, more often than any other 2 international sides. 
The first meeting took place at Paso del Molino, Montevideo on 20th July 1902. A crowd of 8,000 saw Argentina win 6-0.
Dickinson (3), Arímalo (31, own goal), Morgan (64), Carve Urioste (66,own goal), Anderson (71) ,  J. Brown (86)

     Back: Linesman, Nebel,Carbone, Peixoto, E.Sardeson
Middle: B.Céspedes,Rincon,J.Sardeson,Reyes,C.Céspedes
 Front: Urioste, Arímalo

Uruguay (2-3-5)

Enrique Sardeson (Albion)

Carlos Carve Urioste(Nacional)
Germán Arímalo(Nacional)

Miguel Nebel (Nacional, capt.) 
Alberto Peixoto (Albion) 
Luis Carbone(Nacional)

Bolívar Céspedes (Nacional)
Gonzalo Rincón(Nacional)
Juan Sardeson(Albion)
Ernesto Boutón Reyes Nacional) 
Carlos Céspedes(Nacional)

 Back: Snr. Boutell (linesman), Duggan, Leslie, W.Buchanan, Snr. Ruud (ref.)
Middle: Morgan, Moore,Anderson, Dickinson, J.Brown
 Front: E. Brown, Buruca, C.Buchanan

  Argentina (2-3-5)

José Buruca Laforia (Barracas) 

William Leslie (Quilmes) 
Walter Buchanan (Club Alumni Buenos Aires) 

Eduardo Patricio Duggan (Belgrano) 
Carlos J. Buchanan (Club Alumni Buenos Aires) 
Ernesto A. Brown(Club Alumni Buenos Aires)

Edward O. Morgan (Quilmes)
Juan José Moore (Club Alumni Buenos Aires, capt.)
Juan O. Anderson (Lomas) 
Carlos Edgard Dickinson (Belgrano) 
Jorge Gibson Brown (Club Alumni Buenos Aires)