Brazil's first international team

It is one of those great myths, accepted as fact and reeled off unquestioned as such, that Brazil's first ever international was played against Exeter City. The Southern League club did, somewhat remarkably tour Argentina and Brazil in 1914. The tour culminated with a game against a combined Rio/ Sao Paulo team at Fluminense's ground on July 21st 1914.
It was, in fact two months later that Brazil's first international was played.

Brazil: Back: Píndaro, MarcosNery; Middle: Octávio Egydio, Lagreca, Pernambuco; Front: Millon, Osvaldo, Friedenreich, Bartô, Arnaldo.

On 20th September 1914 Brazil played Argentina in a friendly in Buenos Aires. Argentina won 3-0 . Seven of the players who faced Exeter City played in this match:

Marcos (Fluminense) 
Píndaro  (Flamengo)
 Nery (Flamengo)
Octávio Egydio (Palmeiras)
 Lagreca (São Bento- capt.)
 Pernambuco (Fluminense) 
 Millon (Paulistano)
Osvaldo (Fluminense)
Bartô (Fluminense)
Friedenreich (Ipiranga)
Arnaldo  (Paulistano)

Brazil: Back: Lagreca, Píndaro, Rubens Salles, Marcos, Nery, Pernambuco, Joaquím de Souza Ribeiro (team leader); Front: Millon, Osvaldo, Bartô, Friedenreich, Arnaldo 

The two countries met again one week later to contest the Copa Roca. Brazil won through a 13th minute goal from debutant Rubens Salles (Paulistano) who replaced Octávio Egydio in an otherwise unchanged XI. Friedenreich is an early claimant to the accolade of being the greatest footballer of all time, and some sources state that he is the most prolific scorer in the history of the professional game. The photographs suggest that Pindaro had a penchant for snazzy headgear both on and off the field.

Brazil's colours for the first international.