Moscow & Russia


Football arrived in Moscow when English mill owners Clement and Harry Charnock formed a team at the Morozov mill in 1887 . The team were called Morozovtsi Orekhovo-Zuevo Moskva. As the Charnock  brothers were Blackburm Rovers men they kitted out their team in blue and white halves. In 1906 the club was renamed KSO* and went on to dominate the Moscow league before the First World War.
Initially in Russian football there was a great deal of class division and many clubs did not take on native Russian players. When KSO won the league in 1912 the team consisted of six British and five Russian players. Following the Revolution KSO metamorphosed into Dinamo Moscow.

 CSKA – or the Obshestvo Lyubiteley Lyzhnogo Sporta Amateur Society Of Skiing Sports as it was originally known – was founded in 1911. 

 Russia 1912

In 1911 a Russian select XI played an English XI known as The Wanderers in a friendly, losing 11-0. The following year the Football Union of Russia sent a side to compete in  the Olympics. They lost their first official competitive game 2-1 against Finland, and suffered their record defeat, 16-0 to Germany in the consolation tournament, the game in which Gottfried Fuchs netted ten goals.

Moscow League 1910

1.KSO Klub Sporta Orechovo             8 7 0 1 43-14 14 
2.SKS Sokolnicheskiy Klub Sporta       8 5 0 3 36-25 10 
3.ZKS Zamoskvoretskiy Klub Sporta      8 4 1 3 27-23 9 
4.KFS Kruzhok Futbolistov Sokolniki    8 2 1 5 18-36 5 
5.Sportivnoe Obshchestvo Union         8 1 0 7 14-40 2

* sometimes the name is given as OKS