Sommige mensen zijn op het veld!

I'm always attracted to unusual football images, and I recently came across this fantastic photograph from the collection of Mr J.L. Scherpenisse. The photograph was taken on July 6th 1912. It shows a scene at the ground of Amsterdamse Sport Vereniging Door Wilskracht Verkregen- known as DWV.
They played their matches on a compacted sand pitch. The club, formed in May 1912, ceased to exist only last year, when they merged with De Volewijckers.
Source: http://www.amsterdamnoord.com/amsterdam-noord-in-de-vorige-eeuw/9-verhuizingen-van-ajax-en-dwv/

 Dutch speakers please forgive my crude attempt to use their language in the title, which I hope translates as  Some people are on the pitch?