This is Gino Colaussi. He played for Triestina, Juventus and Vicenza. In 25 internationals for Italy he scored 15 goals, including 2 in their victory in the 1938 World Cup Final.
At Berlin's Olympia Stadion on Sunday 15th November 1936, at approximately 14:32 local time, Colaussi scored the first goal to be televised live.
Germany were hosting Italy in an International friendly. The infrastructure for broadcasting television coverage had been put in place for the Berlin Olympics earlier that year. Over 150,000 Germans had followed the Olympic games at 21 television centers accross the country, but there is no evidence that Olympic football was broadcast live.  The Germany Italy match was beamed out to 28 public viewing rooms in Berlin (each accommodating about 200 guests).  The attendance at the stadium was 83,000.
Outside left Colaussi struck in the second minute.  Two goals in the space of 5 minutes by the shy Otto Siffling of SV Waldhof Mannheim put Germany ahead at half time. Giovanni Ferrari leveled for Italy in the 50th minute.