Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro

Luis Monti in San Lorenzo colours 

Father Lorenzo Massa allowed the boys of his neighbourhood to play football on church property on the condition that they attended mass.  When this local football organization achieved a more formal structure in 1908 the club was named San Lorenzo, mainly in honour of the priest but also with reference to a key battle in Argentine history. I note that among the founders was a certain Federico Monti.
San Lorenzo entered the Copa Campeonato  in 1915.
They won the Asociación Amateurs de Football championship in 1923 and 1924 and were the first winners odf the unified title in 1927. Argentine football was professionalized in 1931. That season   San Lorenzo finished second in the league behind Boca Junioirs. They won the title in 1933.



2 San Lorenzo players represented Argentina in the 1928 Olympic Gold Medal match- Luis Monti and Alfredo Carricaberry. Monti was the sole representative in the 1930 World Cup final.