Austria had an unbeaten  run of 14 games between April 1931 and December 1932. 
In May 1931 they demolished a depleted Scotland team by outplaying them at their own game, based on short passing.

  12.4.31  Czechoslovakia 2-1 (Vienna, Coupe Internationale européenne) 
    3.5.31  Hungary 0-0  (Vienna, Coupe Internationale européenne)
  16.5.31  Scotland 5-0 (Vienna) 
    4.5.31  Germany 6-0 (Berlin)
  16.6.31  Switzerland 2-0 (Vienna)
  13.9.31  Germany 5-0 (Vienna)
  4.10.31  Hungary 2-2 (Budapest, Coupe Internationale européenne) 

29.11.31  Switzerland 8-1 (Basel, Coupe Internationale européenne) 
  20.3.32  Italy 2-1  (Vienna, Coupe Internationale européenne) 
  24.4.32  Hungary 8-2 (Vienna)
  22.5.32  Czechoslovakia 1-1 (Prague, Coupe Internationale européenne) 

  17.7.32  Sweden 4-3 (Stockholm)
  2.10.32  Hungary 3-2 (Budapest)
23.10.32  Switzerland 3-1  (Vienna, Coupe Internationale européenne)*
  7.12.32  England 3-4 (London)

*Austria winners of 2nd  Coupe Internationale européenne

The unbeaten run came to an end at Stamford Bridge - critics in England felt that they had had a narrow escape, and that had Austria played their natural game from the start that they would have embarrassed England:

English team lucky to win. There could not be the slightest doubt that as a team (Austria) were the superiors.
 Manchester Guardian

 It was victory and no more, and it was by no means easily earned.
The Times

The unbeaten run featured  the following personnel:

Goalkeeper: Rudolf Hiden
Right  Backs: Roman Schramseis, Karl Rainer
Left  Backs: Josef Blum, Karl Sesta
Right Halves: Georg Braun, Johann Mock
Center Halves: Josef Smistik, Leopold Hofmann
Left Halves: Karl Gall,  Walter Nausch
Outside Right: Karl Zischek
Inside RightFriedrich Gschweidl
Center ForwardMatthias Sindelar
Inside LeftAnton Schall
Outside LeftAdolf Vogl

ManagerHugo Meisl 
Trainer: Jimmy Hogan

Austria's place amongst the top teams in the world endured right up until the country was absorbed by Germany in 1938.
The retrospective Elo World Rankings have them briefly in top position (following a 3-2 win over France) in May 1934. They were favourites to win the 1934 World Cup, but in Italy only Italy could win. In the semi final  Enrique Guaita scored the only goal after Meazza had clattered into the Austrian keeper, Platzer, forcing him to spill the ball.