James Prinsep

This lusty looking young man, pictured in the Boy's Own Paper's Famous English Football Players (1881), is James Frederick McLeod Prinsep. In 1881 he was in the Old Carthusians side that won the FA Cup.
Two years earlier Prinsep had enjoyed a remarkable week that saw him achieve two records that both went unbeaten for more than 120 years.
On March 29th 1879 Prinsep was in the Clapham Rovers side that lost to Old Etonians in the FA Cup final at The Oval. Prinsep's age was 17 years and 245 days, making him the youngest Cup finalist until 2004.
One week later on April 5th he was back at The Oval making his solitary appearance for England in a 5-4 win over Scotland at the age of 17 years and 252 days
This record, as England's youngest international, stood until 2003.
At the time of these achievements Prinsep, who was born in India, was at  the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
He had a distinguished career in North Africa but died at the age of 34 having caught pneumonia playing golf in Scotland.