Campeonato Carioca - 1906

Fluminense 1906

Fluminense was founded in 1902. It was an upmarket club; their home suburb of  Laranjeiras was very exclusive and the club was aimed at well-off young men who had come into contact with football when studying in Europe. Club founder Oscar  Cox was typical. From a wealthy Anglo-Brazilian family he studied in Switzerland, and was responsible for introducing football to Rio. Cox led the Rio selection in their games against Sao Paulo.
By 1905 football had become hugely popular in Rio, and a league, the Liga Metropolitana de Football  was instituted. The first championship was contested by the following 6 teams:

Paysandu Cricket Club, 
Rio Cricket and Athletic Association,
Football and Athletic Club
    America were conspicuous by their absence.

    Horácio da Costa Santos- 18 goals in ten games
Fluminense were the first champions. They won 9 and lost 1, scoring 52 goals and conceding 6. Horácio da Costa was top scorer, with 18 goals.