Zenón Díaz

As we have seen in earlier posts, Argentine football in its early years  was dominated by European in migrants or the sons of Europeans. Zenón Díaz was neither. He was of Rosario, a native south American, the first to play for the Albiceleste. 
In 1903 Diaz had been spotted by Rosario player (and later club president)  Miguel Green. Green was walking home from work (likely he was an employee of the railway company in which the club originated)  when he saw a group of young men playing some informal ball game in the street. He was so taken by Diaz's dexterity and athleticism that he persuaded him to join Rosario as a goalkeeper.
Diaz took to football. He soon became an outfield player, a solid defender.
 Zenón Díaz played for the combined Rosario XI against the Nottingham Forest Tourists in 1905. Weeks later he appeared in the Argentina team that took on Forest.

He made his full international debut in August 1906 in a 2-0 win over Uruguay at Montevideo. 
Diaz had to wait until August 1913 for his next international call up. This was followed by a further three year hiatus after which he made a further 4 appearances (as a 35 year old) in 1916.