Southern Russia 1912-1913

In 1912 most of what is now the country of  Ukraine was Southern Russia, a big part of a huge Empire (Western parts of Ukraine were ruled by Austria- Hungary).
The 1912 championships were inauspicious for the clubs from the region.
Kharkov vs Moscow

Kiev gave St Petersburg a walk over, and Odessa , having received a bye, withdrew in the next round. The game at Kharkov was a landmark, though. Big football had arrived in Ukraine. The city team hosted Moscow, who ran out 6-1 winners.
The following season things improved.

Odessa have an impressive certificate announcing them as the Football Champions of the Russian Empire for 1913. However, they were not awarded the championship, having fielded 4 foreigners in their team. The rules only permitted 3.

Here is the 'winning' line up:  Dukhno, Geezer, Jacobs, Townend, Bogemski, Mizerski, Kazhdan,Carr, Karazhdi, Oven, Zlochevski