Germany v Norway 1936

Magnar Isaksen, spoiler of Adolf Hitler's only visit to the football.

Never trust a man who doesn't like football...
Adolf Hitler only attended one match in his life. By the 1930's football was immensely popular in Germany, and those in the know fancied them to do well at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Hitler's advisers were sure that the footballers would be successful, and persuaded him to attend the match against Norway.
The Norwegians were lightly regarded, and the Fuhrer attended the game with Goebbels, Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess.
As we know, football never goes to plan. Norway took the lead in the sixth minute through Magnar Isaksen. Isaksen doubled Norway's lead in the 84th minute. It finished 2-0. Germany were out...
Norway went on to win the bronze, and are in fact still remembered as 'the Bronze Team'.

There is no evidence that Isaksen was Jewish.

line ups:
Germany: Hans Jakob (SSV 1899 Regensburg) - Reinhold Münzenberg (Alemannia Aachen), Heinz Ditgens (Bor.München-Gladbach) - Rui Gramlich (Eintracht Frankfurt), Ludwig Goldbrunner (Bayern München), Robert Bernard (VfR Schweinfurt) – Ernst Lehner (Schwaben Augsburg), Otto Siffling (SV Waldhof Mannheim), August Lenz (Borussia Dortmund), Adolf Urban (FC Schalke 04), Wilhelm Simetsreiter (Bayern München) 

Norway: Henry Johansen (Valerengens IF) - Nils Eriksen (Odds BK), Öivind Holmsen (Lyn Oslo) - Frithjof Ullberg (Lyn Oslo), Jörgen Juve (Lyn Oslo), Rolf Holmberg (Odds BK) - Odd Frantzen (Hardy Bergen), Reidar Kvammen (Viking Stavanger), Alf Martinsen (Lilleström SK), Magnar Isaksen (Lyn Oslo), Arne Brustad (Lyn Oslo)