Mohammed Salim, Celtic 1936.

 Salim- barefoot in Celtic
In the 1930's Mohammedan Sporting enjoyed a good run of success in Indian domestic football. After the Calcutta League title win of 1936, winger Mohammed Salim was invited to play two friendlies against the Chinese Olympic side. His cousin  Hasheem, who lived in England, was visiting Calcutta and saw the first match.  Hasheem persuaded Salim to try his luck in Europe.
Playing barefooted, Salim had trials at Celtic, and played a couple of matches:
Indian Juggler - New Style
Ten twinkling toes of Salim, Celtic FC's player from India, hypnotised the crowd at Parkhead last night. He balances the ball on his big toe, lets it run down the scale to his little toe, twirls it, hops on one foot around the defender.      Scottish Daily Express, 29.8.36.

Homesick, Salim rejected a professional contract with the club. Celtic tried to persuade him to stay by offering to organize a charity match in his honour, giving him five per cent of the gate receipts. Salim promised to donate his share to a group of  orphans who attended the match. The five per cent came to £1,800 (about £100,000 today) and Salim kept  his word.