Copa Centenario Revolución de Mayo 1910

This was the first tournament in South America to involve more than two countries. All previous international competitions had involved just Uruguay and Argentina.
It is therefore considered a proto- South American Championship.
The influence of English, Scots and German immigrants was still very much in evidence in the South American cone.


The tournament marked Chile's debut in international football. The Chilean Football Federation was founded June 19th, 1895, making it the second oldest South American federation,

In the opening match Uruguay defeated Chile 3-0. Jose Piendibene and Robert Sidney Buck scored for Uruguay. In 1912 Buck represented Argentina against Uruguay!
Hosts Argentina then beat Chile 5-1 to set up the decider.
Argentina beat Uruguay 4-1.
Argentina's scorers in this win were José N. Viale (Newell´s Old Boys), Juan Enrique Harry Hayes (Rosario Central), who was the tournaments top scorer, Arnold Pencliffe Watson Hutton (Alumni AC), son of  Alexander Watson Hutton, the Scotsman known as the father of Argentine football, and  Maximiliano Susán (Estudiantes), a student veterinary surgeon and Argentina's leading goalscorer at the time. 

Harry Hayes (Argentina) top scorer with three goals. His parents were English.