1924 Olympics

The first global football tournament took place at the 1924 Olympic Games.It was the biggest international football tournament held until the 1982 FIFA World Cup, with 18 European nations joined by the United States, Uruguay,Turkey and Egypt. 
Great Britain and Denmark were absent in protest at FIFA's more relaxed definition of amateurism. 

A revelation! Here we have real football. Compared with this, what we knew before, what we played, was no more than a schoolboy’s hobby.
Henry de Montherlant on Uruguay

 Uruguay played first-rate football, combining speed, skill and perfect ball-control. By marrying short passing to intelligent positional play, they made the ball do all the work, and so kept their opponents on the run. 
Bernard Joy

Uruguay's scorers in the final-Ángel Romano, Pedro Petrone (Artillero), Pedro Cea

26.05.24  Uruguay 7-0  Yugoslavia
29.05.24  Uruguay 3-0   USA
01.06.24  Uruguay 5-1 France
06.06.24  Uruguay 2-1  Netherlands
09.06.24  Uruguay 3-0  Switzerland

P: 5 W: 5 F : 20 A:2
Scorers: Vidal 1 Romano 3 Scarone 4 Cea 4 Petrone 8