Campeonato Paulista 1902

Due to the vast size of the country Brazil did not have a national championship until 1970. Regional Championships were the main form of club competition, and the oldest of these is the Paulistão.

CA Paulistano 

São Paulo AC

 1. São Paulo AC           8  5  2  1  21- 6  12
 2. Paulistano             8  5  2  1  12- 7  12

 3. Mackenzie              8  3  3  2  13-15   9
 4. Germânia               8  1  2  5   5-15   4
 5. Internacional          8  0  3  5   4-12   3

Play-off: (26.10.1902)

São Paulo AC  2-1 CA Paulistano    
 Miller (2)                   Alvaro

Season top goal scorer: Charles Miller (São Paulo AC)  10 Goals

São Paulo Athletic Club, also known as SPAC, was  founded on May 15 th, 1888 by Charles Miller and several English immigrants. The club's players were English employees of Companhia de Gás (Gas Company), London Bank and São Paulo Railway. São Paulo Athletic was generally supported by the British community living in São Paulo.

Paulistano was founded on December 29th, 1900. Despite not winning the inaugural title, they were the dominant force in São Paulo football up until 1920. In 1930 Paulistano dissolved with the advent of professional football.

Mackenzie College Athletic Association was the first club founded in Brazil by Brazilians (1898), inspired by a visit to the USA by a teacher, Mr. Augustus Shaw, who promoted organised sports to his pupils.

Internacional (Sport Club Internacional de São Paulo) was founded in August 1899 by Englishmen, Germans, Portuguese, Frenchmen and Brazilians. When the name was decided by vote Internacional was chosen over the name S.C. Germânia.

The displeased German contingent, under the leadership of Hans Nobiling formed the breakaway club, named, unsurprisingly, S.C. Germânia.