July 1st 1912

July 1st 1912 was an inauspicious day for Russian football- twice over.
Let me explain.
Up until 1918 the Russians used the Julian Calender, which was 13 days behind the Gregorian calender used in the west.
Russia made their international debut at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics  After losing 2-1 to Finland in the first round they met Germany in the consolation tournament on July 1st. Gottffried Fuchs scored 10 goals, 16-0 Germany, Russia went home...
Back in Russia they entertained Hungary (who had just won the consolation tournament at the Olympics).
The first match was played on 12th July, which, according to the Julian calendar was June 29th. As home debuts go, it was not good. Hungary won 9-0.
Two days later- that's July 1st in Moscow- Russia faced Hungary again. They lost 12-0.
Imre Schlosser-Lakatos of Ferencváros scored five. 
Vilmos Kertész of MTK scored a hat trick in each of the games.

The initial Russian international team did not enjoy success, although their results were improving when the war brought things to a halt.

Russia 1912

Russia 1912-1914:
played -8
draws- 3
losses- 5
for- 6
against- 47