Pohár Dobročinnosti

The Charity Cup was a competition for teams from the Bohemia (Czech) region of the Hapsburg Monarchy that ran from 1906- 1916.

CFK Smíchov 

Initially the tournament was a league format, the knock out system being introduced in 1909. Prague's strongest and most popular team at the time, Slavia , entered a reserve team during the first 3 seasons. This didn't stop them winning in 1908. 
From what I understand the main beneficiaries of the Charity were hospitals for respiratory diseases.

1906 SK Smíchov
1907 SK Smíchov
1908 SK Slavia Prague B

  • 1909 AC Sparta Prague 
1910 SK Slavia Prague 
1911 SK Slavia Prague
1912 SK Slavia Prague 
1913 SK Viktoria Žižkov

1914 SK Viktoria Žižkov
1915 AC Sparta Prague 
1916 SK Viktoria Žižkov