When the Netherlands lined up for their 6th international match against Belgium in Antwerp on April 14th 1907 they wore orange for the first time.
This was the line up:
Reinier Beeuwkes (D.F.C Dordrecht) Ben Stom (Velocitas Breda)
Karel Heijting (HVV Den Haag)Willem Janssen (PW Enschede)Iman Dozy (Ajax Leiden) John Heijning (HVV Den Haag- captain)
Toine van Renterghem (HBS Den Haag)
Louis van Gogh (HFC Haarlem)
Pieter Boelmans ter Spill (HFC Haarlem)
Constant Feith (HVV Den Haag)
Ferry van der Vinne (HFC Haarlem)

Nederlands elftal voor de interland tegen België. Staand van links naar rechts: …

Nederlands elftal, zich ontspannend voor de interland tegen België. Van links na… Photographs from the Belgium game 14.04.07

Ben Stom was the only 'ever present' in the Netherlands line up. 
Belgium took a 31st minute lead through René Feye and debutant Louis van Gogh equalised for Netherlands in the 75th minute. As the Coupe Vanden Abeele was at stake extra time was played. The beautifully named and aristocratic  Constant Feith  put Oranje ahead on 99 minutes and van Gogh  rounded things off two minutes before the end of extra time. 

Jonkheer Constant Feith

Netherlands 1905- white with red and blue band ?