This is the Uruguay team that beat Argentina 3-1 to win the Copa  Lipton on August 15th 1910.

Back: José Benincasa (River Plate), Oscar Sanz (River Plate), Cayetano Saporiti (Wanderers), Jorge Pacheco (Nacional), Juan Pena (Nacional), Carlos Scarone (CURCC);
 Front: Vicente Módena (River Plate), Pablo Dacal (River Plate), Pedro Zibechi (CURCC), José Piendibene (CURCC), Juan Carlos Bertone (Wanderers).

This eleven had the distinction of being the first to represent their country in the famous Celeste jersey.
The blue shirt was a tribute to Montevideo club River Plate*, who had recently defeated  Alumni of Buenos Aires.
Both River Plate and Alumni played in red and white stripes, so in the away match River Plate had worn their sky blue change strip.
Uruguay recorded only their 3rd victory in what was the 15th meeting of the 2 sides.

* There is room for considerable confusion here: River Plate FC, extant from 1897–1929, were one of the leading clubs in the early days of Uruguayan football, winning the Primera División 4 times from 1908- 1914.
The present Club Atlético River Plate was formed in 1932.
There is also , of course Club Atlético River Plate across the water in Buenos Aires.