Barcelona- stars of the 1920s

This postcard shows three of Barcelona's earliest superstars,  Josep Samitier, Ricardo Zamora and Paulino Alcántara. Zamorra, the great goalkeeper, was only at the club a few years, and went on to greater things with other teams. Samitier and Alcántara though are really the stuff of legend. 
Between them they played 811 games for Barca and scored a phenomenal 702 goals. And Samitier was the playmaker/ midfield general rather than an out and out forward!

Josep Samitier
Barcelona- (1919–32) 454 appearances, 333 goals.
Campionat de Catalunya- 12 wins.
Copa del Rey- 5 wins.
La Liga- 1 win.
Catalonia 21 appearances 15 goals (at least).
Copa Princep de Asturies-3 wins.
Spain (1920–31) 21 appearances, 2 goals.
 Olympic silver medal (1920).

Ricardo Zamora
Barcelona- (1919–22)
Campionat de Catalunya-3 wins.
Copa del Rey- 2 wins.
Catalonia 13 appearances (at least). 
Copa Princep de Asturies-3 wins.
Spain 46 appearances.
Olympic silver medal (1920).

Paulino Alcántara

Barcelona- (1912–16 & 1918–27) 357 appearances, 369 goals.
Pyrenees Cup- 1 win.
Campionat de Catalunya- 10 wins.
Copa del Rey- 5 wins.
Catalonia appearances and goals unknown.
Copa Princep de Asturies-3 wins.
Spain (1921-27) 5 appearances, 6 goals.