South America v Europe in International Football

Paris 1924
The first Europe v South America clashes took place at the 1924 Olympic games in Paris. Uruguay, qualifying via the South American Championships, were the only South American team. They defeated 4 European opponents on their way to the gold medal:

26.05.24 Uruguay 7-0 Yugoslavia
01.06.24 France  1-5 Uruguay  
06.06.24 Netherlands  1-2 Uruguay
09.06.24 Switzerland  0-3 Uruguay 

Amsterdam 1928 
The next round of intercontinental football came 4 years later in the 1928 Olympic Games Uruguay were joined by Argentina (who they beat in the final) and Chile.
Argentina played a friendly on their way to the tournament:
01.04.28 Portugal v Argentina 0-0  (Lisbon)

In the tournament itself South America remained dominant: Portugal became the first European teams to defeat South American opposition.

27.05.28 Portugal 4-2 Chile 
30.05.28 Uruguay 2-0 Netherlands
02.06.28 Belgium  3-6 Argentina 
03.06.28  Uruguay 4-1 Germany 
07.06.28  Uruguay  3-2 Italy  
08.06.28 Netherlands 2-2 Chile
Uruguay 1930


The first World Cup was contested by 13 teams, The continental representation was as follows: Europe 4, North America 2, South America,7. The tournament produced 8 South America-Europe meetings.  France played South American opposition twice, losing both games.

14.07.30 Romania 3-1 Peru 
14.07.30 Brazil 1-2 Yugoslavia
15.07.30  Argentina 1-0 France  
19.07.30 Chile 1-0 France
17.07.30 Bolivia 0-4 Yugoslavia
20.07.30 Paraguay 1-0 Belgium
21.07.30 Romania  0-4 Uruguay
27.07.30 Uruguay 6-1 Yugoslavia

Post World Cup Friendlies 1930
The following matches were played by European teams in South America following the World Cup:
01.08.30 Brazil  3-2 France (Rio de Janeiro-France did not consider this to be a full international) 03.08.30 Argentina 3-1 Yugoslavia (Buenos Aires)
10.08.30 Brazil 4-1 Yugoslavia (Rio de Janeiro-Yugoslavia did not consider this to be a full international)

 Italy 1934
Uruguay didn't travel to defend their title and it turned out to be a bad tournament for South American teams (probably for football in general). With the tournament being a straight knock out both South American representatives were eliminated after just 90 minutes of football.

The referee didn't give this handball as the defender on the line saves Leonidas' shot.

27.05.34 Brazil 1- Spain (Genoa
27.05.34 Sweden  3-2 Argentina (Bologna)
Following the World Cup Brazil paid a visit to Belgrade where they featured in a high scoring friendly with Yugoslavia:
03.06.34 Brazil 4-Yugoslavia (Belgrade) 

1936 Olympic Games
06.08.36 Finland 3- Peru (Hertha-BSC )

Snazzy Juan Valdivieso punches clear.
09.08.36 Peru 4-Austria  (Hertha-BSC )
 Austria were awarded this tie 2-0 after Peru refused to replay- the possibility is that they were removed from the tournament by a Nazi plot. We accept the 4-2 result and do not include the 2-0 default result.

South America
Wins in Europe
Wins in South America

Unfortunately during this era neither England or Scotland played South American opposition, nor did the Austrian Wunderteam.