Netherlands v Germany


One of the most compelling national rivalries in European football has been that between Germany and the Netherlands. Here we look at the history of the fixture from the first match in 1910 to the summer of 1937.

1. 24.04.10 Netherlands 4-2 Germany (Klarenbeek, Arnhem: 10,000).

This was only Germany's 8th international, whereas Netherlands had previously played 20.It was the first time an international had been played in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The referee was Englishman Mr Jack Howcroft. Another significant English presence was the Netherlands coach, the former Everton player Edgar Chadwick. The Netherlands had a relatively experienced side with an average of 10 caps per player. Germany's most experienced player was Kipp, winning his 5th cap, and there were 5 debutantes in the side.
The line ups were as follows:
Reinier Beeuwkes (DFC Dordrecht)

Karel Heijting (HVV Den Haag) 
Dr.Lou Otten (Quick Den Haag) – (c)  
Leo Bosschart (Quick Den Haag) 
Bok de Korver (Sparta Rotterdam) 
Arnold Hörburger (VOC Rotterdam) 
Caius Welcker (Quick Den Haag)
Lot Lutjens (HVV Den Haag)
Mannus Francken (HFC Haarlem)
Jan Thomée (Concordia Delft) 
Dé Kessler (HVV Den Haag)


Christian Schmidt (Berliner FC Concordia 1895) – (c)
Walter Hempel (FC Sportfreunde 1900 Leipzig) 
Ernst Hollstein (Karlsruher FV)  
Ernst Poetsch (Berliner T u. FC Union 1892)
Max Breunig (Karlsruher FV) 
Gustav Unfried (Berliner FC Preussen)  
Karl Wegele (Karlsruher FC Phönix 1894) 
Adolph Gehrts (FC Victoria 1895 Hamburg)
Willy Fick (FV Holstein Kiel) 
Eugen Kipp (Stuttgarter Turn- und Sportfreunde 1896) 
Ludwig Fips Philipp (1. FC Nüremberg)

Kipp put Germany ahead in the 23rd minute, with Lutjens equalising a minute later. Willy Fick restored Germany's lead 3 minutes before the interval. Thomée restored parity in the 73rd minute and Netherlands took the lead through a Hempel own goal on 82, Thomée adding a fourth three minutes from time.

2. 16.10.10 Germany 1-2 Netherlands (VfB Cleve, Kleve: 10,000).
All the goals came in the first half, Richard Queck (25) pulling one back after Thomée and van Berkel had put Netherlands 2-0 up in the opening 16 minutes.

3. 24.03.12 Netherlands 5-5 Germany (Zwolle10,000).

Karlsrhue was well represented, with 6 players from Karlsruher FV and 2 from Phönix. The legendary Karlsruher FV pair Fuchs and Hirsch (4) provided the German goals. Thomée and Francken got 2 a piece for netherlands before Germany captain Breunig's own goal gave the hosts a 5-3 lead with 66 minutes on the clock. 19 year old Hirsch scored twice (75,79) to earn a draw and become the first German to get 4 goals in an international.

4. 17.11.12 Germany 2-3 Netherlands (Sportpark-Gesellschaft, Leipzig10,000).
Netherlands had a new English coach , Fred Warburton. formerly of Bury, Swindon Town and Plymouth Argyle.Max Breunig in a most un- German like act missed a penalty.Adolf Jäger equalised twice for Germany after Mannus Francken and Jur Haak put the visitors 1-0 and 2-1 up. Francken then got the winner in the 74th minute.Even in these early years Dutch supporters had a reputation for noisy enthusiasm. About 100 traveled to Leipzig.

5. 05.04.14 Netherlands 4-4 Germany (Oude Stadion, Amsterdam: 18,000)
Another high scoring draw. A Scottish coach for the Dutch- Billy Hunter (ex Milwall and Bolton Wanderers). One of my favourite topics- footballers wearing spectacles- comes into play here, Germany right back Dr Willy Völker (VfB Leipzig) sporting the eyewear . This would be Germany's last international match for 6 years...

6. 10.05.23 Germany 0-0 Netherlands (Hamburg: 28,000)
Germany now had a national coach (Otto Nerz), whilst Fred Warburton was back in charge of the Netherlands as the rivals played their first match for 9 years. This was Netherlands' first goalless draw (in their 64th official international match).  

7. 21.04.24  Netherlands 0-1 Germany (Oude StadionAmsterdam:26,000) 

Netherlands were now coached by Billy Townley , who had enjoyed considerable success as a club manager in Germany. Former captain Max Breunig was coach of Germany. Karl Auer (SpVgg.Fürth) got the only goal in the 14th minute. This was Germany's first victory over the Netherlands.

8. 29.03.25 Netherlands 2-1 Germany (Oude Stadion, Amsterdam 30,000)

Netherlands continued their tradition of employing British coaches- former Barnsley and Bolton Wanderers player Bob Glendenning.

18.04.26 Germany 4 -2 Netherlands (Rhein-stadion,Düsseldorf: 70,000)
A bumper crowd witnessed a fine win for Germany with two goals apiece for Bayern Munich's Josef Pöttinger and Hamburg SV's Otto Harder. 

10. 31.10.26 Netherlands 2-3 Germany (Oude Stadion, Amsterdam: 30,000)

Wim Tap scored twice for Netherlands but Rat Verlegh's own goal had put Germany out of reach.

11. 20.11.27 Germany 2-2 Netherlands (Müngersdorfer Stadion,Köln: 60,000)
Another 2 goal display from Josef Pöttinger.

 12. 26.04.31 Netherlands 1-1 Germany (Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam: 30,000)

13. 04.12.32  Germany 0-2 Netherlands (Rhein-stadion,Düsseldorf: : 49,000)
A pair from Law Adam (Grasshopper Zurich) in the 32nd and 38th minutes won it for Netherlands. 

 14. 17.02.35 Netherlands 2-3 Germany  (Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam: 31,000)

The first meeting during The 3rd Reich Era. Germany were made to work hard having being  2-0 up within 8 minutes. VfL Benrath's  Karl Hohmann got the winner in the 82nd minute.

 each side used a substitute. 

15. 31.01.37  Germany 2-2 Netherlands (Rhein-stadion,Düsseldorf: 70,000)
Mr Glendenning was in charge of the Netherlands for the 70th time. Sepp Herberger was now Germany's coach. A last minute equalizer by Henk van Spaandonck sent the crowd home deflated. 

Germany 4 wins 31 goals
Netherlands 5 wins 33 goals 
Draws 6 
Played in Germany 7 
Played in Netherlands 8