Guillermo Stábile

Guillermo Stábile played for Buenos Aires club Huracán from 1924-30.
He had a brief but spectacular international career.
Called up for the 1930 World Cup he scored a hat trick on his debut against Mexico. 
 Stábile got two goals in the next match against Chile and another two in the semi final against the USA.
In the final against Uruguay a Stábile goal put Argentina 2-1 up.

Following the World Cup he signed for Genoa, thus beginning a successful career in Europe but ending his international career. 
So, his international career lasted 11 days, spanning 4 matches during which he scored 8 goals. 

As well as Genoa Stábile  played for Napoli and Red Star Paris. He later managed the Argentina national team in over 100 matches.