Exeter City 1914

In the summer of 1914 Exeter City of the Southern League undertook a tour of Argentina and on their return journey stopped off for 3 games in Rio de Janeiro.
The Exeter chairman, Mr. McGahey, obviously hadn't done his homework on Brazil. He expressed his surprise at seeing a game in progress as they landed in Rio:
... they were all niggers. As black as your hat,and most of them playing in bare feet.
He also presented a less than favourable picture of Brazilian pitches:
If you imagine one of the worst junior grounds you know of, and then take it up and shake it like a carpet and plentifully besprinkle it with stones and pieces of bricks, and then bake the lot in a tropical sun, you will have some remote notion of the ground...

The Exeter team were an immense hit with the Brazilian public though, and a crowd of 10,000 plus saw them suffer only their second defeat of the tour to a combined Rio /São Paulo XI.

 14.6.14  Select Norte Argentina 1 Exeter City 0 (Buenos Aires)
 21.6.14 Select Sur Argentina 0 Exeter City 3 (Buenos Aires)
 24.6.14  Racing Club 0 Exeter City 2 (Buenos Aires)
 28.6.14  Liga Rosarina 1 Exeter City 3  (Rosario)
 29.6.14  Select Avellaneda 0 Exeter City 5  (Avellaneda) 
   9.7.14  Liga Argentina 0 Exeter City 3 (Buenos Aires)
 11.7.14  Select Argentinos 0 Exeter City 0 (Buenos Aires)
 12.7.14  Liga Argentina 1 Exeter City 3 (Buenos Aires)
 18.7.14  Select English Rio 0 Exeter City 3 (Rio de Janeiro)
 19.7.14  Select Rio Janeiro 3 Exeter City 5  (Rio de Janeiro)
 21.7.14 Select Rio  São Paulo XI. 2 Exeter City 0 (Rio de Janeiro)

P: 11
W: 8
D: 1
L: 2
F: 27
A: 8