Johann Studnicka joined  WAC ( Wiener Athletiksport Clubas a 13 year old. Known as  G'stutzte (Shorty) he was nippy and compact. He developed a technique of close control dribbling that became known as the Viennese style. He started out as a defender, but his explosive pace and ball control saw him move up to inside left.
By the time international football came to the Dual Monarchy (the Vienna v Budapest city Selection game of 1902, retrospectively afforded the status of a full international) the 19 year old  Studnicka was already a leading light in Austrian football. he scored 3 goals in this match, a feat he achieved twice before he was out of his teens.
Studnicka played in 28 internationals, scoring 18 goals. 
At club level he won 3  Challenge-Cups (1901, 1903, 1904), 4 Austrian League championships (1901, 1902, 1903, 1915)- all with WAC. Added to these honours he won the Swiss National championship with FC Zurich in 1924. 

Studnicka (2nd left) in action against Hungary in 1913. On the far right is referee Mr Jack Howcroft of England, who was instrumental in launching the continental coaching career of Jimmy Hogan