Germany's simultaneous internationals

On April 4th 1909 Germany played 2 international fixtures on the same day. Prior to this date the Germans had played 3 official internationals, all of which they had lost. 

Germany (standing) v Hungary (seated)

One team traveled overnight by train to Budapest. They played on the grassless Millenáris pálya watched by a crowd of 9,000. Germany came from behind 3 times to secure a 3-3 draw. There were 6 debutantes on the team, including the enigmatic Edwin Dutton, an Anglo-German who played and coached in both Germany and England.  He may well have been born in England, but the evidence is inconclusive. Captain, Camillo Ugi , had spent time in 1905 playing for Sport Club Germânia in São Paulo.
The match was refereed by Herr Hugo Meisl. 

Adolf Werner (Holstein Kiel) 
Herbert Hirth (Hertha Berlin)
Heinrich Riso (VfB Leipzig) 
Ernst Poetsch (Union 92 Berlin)
Camillo Ugi (FSV Franfurt)
Paul Hunder (Viktoria 89 Berlin) 
Edwin Dutton (Preußen Berlin)
Leopold Richter (VfB Leipzig)
Willy Worpitzky (Viktoria 89 Berlin)
Richard Queck (Eintracht Braunschweig)
Fritz Schulz (Hertha Berlin)

Germany team for the Switzerland game.

In Karlsruhe 7,000 were present to witness the other Germany team fare even better, securing their first international victory. A 1-0 win came courtesy of a 25th minute goal by Eugen Kipp.   There were 7 debutantes on the team. 

Eberhardt Illmer (FV Strassburg) 
Otto Nicodemus (SV Wiesbaden)
Robert Neumaier (Phönix Karlsruhe) 
Karl Burger (SpVgg.Fürth),
Josef Glaser (Freiburger FC)
Arthur Hiller (1.FC Pforzheim) 
Hermann Schweickert (1.FC Pforzheim)
Fritz Förderer (Karlsruher FV)
Otto Löble ( Stuttgart Kickers)
Eugen Kipp (Sportfreunde Stuttgart)
Emil Oberle (Phönix Karlsruhe)