Barcelona was the scene of healthy football development at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Catalunya championship and its forerunners, the Copa Macaya and the Copa Barcelona were contested by such Barcelona based clubs as F. C. Barcelona (founded 1899), FC Català (1899), Hispania AC (1900), C. Español de Fútbol (1900) and Foot ball Club X (1902).
The histories of these last 2 clubs are inexorably linked:

Ángel Rodríguez Ruiz, founder of Sociedad Española de Football 

Sociedad Española de Football was founded by University students in Barcelona in 1900. It is said  to have been the first Spanish club for Spanish players, independent of the input of foreign settlers.  In 1901 the name was changed to Club Español de Fútbol.
In 1902-03 they won the Copa Macaya . They travelled to Madrid to play in the 1903 Copa del Rey but were beaten by Madrid (1-4) and Athletic Bilbao (0-4) . In 1903-04 they won the  Catalunya championship.
 In 1906 Club Español de Fútbol disbanded when a number of student-players had to leave Barcelona.

Foot ball Club X was founded in Barcelona in 1902. The club entered the  Copa Barcelona  1902-03, but withdrew.   When In 1906 Club Español de Fútbol (Espanyol) disbanded Foot ball Club X benefited , several of Espanyol's former players joining their ranks. In the  1905-1906  season they were Catalunya champions.
The following season Foot ball Club X were champions of Catalunya again, following drama and controversy in the final game of the season.  In the match between X and Barcelona the referee added on a considerable amount of time. During this added time Barcelona scored from a penalty, making the score 3-3. However, after the game the referee reconsidered his actions in adding on the time, and declared that the penalty should never have been. X were awarded a 3-2 win. However, X, in the person of their captain  Miquel Gibert Pujol, offered Barcelona a replay, which X won 3-1. 
In 1907-1908 the club completed a hat trick of championships. They were now known as X Sporting Club.

In December 1908 a number of the former Espanyol players who had left Barcelona in 1906 returned to the city. This effectively led to the revival of Espanyol  at the expense of  X Sporting Club, who ceased to exist.
 Renamed as Club Deportiu Espanyol, the club won the Catalunya championship in 1911-1912.