Penalties in Internationals

The introduction of the penalty kick came in the 1891-92 season. The first penalty kick in international football duly arrived that spring when the British Home Championships came around.
England played Wales and Ireland simultaneously that year, on March 5th. The Ireland match took place at the Solitude Ground, Belfast. Harry Daft had put England 2-0 up with goals either side of half time*.
In the later stages of the match Sam Torrans was fouled by Stoke's Alf Underwood and Scottish referee Mr Robert F. Harrison pointed to the twelve yard mark for a 'free kick'.
Torrans himself took the kick. Bill Rowley (also of Stoke) saved, blocking the shot. The rebound fell to Torrans' Linfield teammate William Dalton, but Rowley was able to save the follow up too.

Here is a contemporary report of the incident: 
Towards the close a penalty kick was given against Underwood for fouling Torrans in the mouth of the English goal. The free kick proved fruitless, and play was continuing briskly in the Irish lines when the whistle sounded, leaving the score — England 2 goals. Ireland 0 goal. 
Sheffield Independent (07.03.92)

* IFFHS is wrong on this point, claiming that the penalty came when the score was 0-0.

Torrans had an interesting career. On the domestic scene he was hugely successful with Linfield. He was capped 26 times by Ireland (3 wins, 3 draws, 20 defeats). He never scored but did register 3 own goals. 
Torrans was on the park when the first ever penalty was scored in an international. This came four years later  by which time Torrans had moved back into defence. 
On 28th March 1896, again at the Solitude Ground in difficult conditions, Ireland managed a 3-3 draw with Scotland,
Torrans' Linfield teammate Bob Milne gave Ireland a 3-2 lead in the 43rd minute with the first successfully converted penalty kick in the history of International football. Queen's Park's Kenneth Anderson was the goalkeeper.


Mr James Cooper (England) was the referee. Contemporary reports are rather vague on the precise reason the penalty was awarded.