Ireland's first English based players

For the match against Wales at Belfast on 4th March 1899 Ireland picked players based with English clubs for the first time.
In their previous 50 matches they had enjoyed only 4 victories, all against Wales. Their first international of the season in February had seen Ireland receive a terrible 13-2 beating at the hands of England. 
On this occasion Ireland beat Wales 1-0.
The English based players selected were:

Archie Goodall (Derby County)
  Archie Goodall was born in Belfast when his father was posted there with the army. He went on to earn 10 caps.

Jack Mit Taggart (Walsall)

Taggart moved from Distillery to Middlesbrough as a 19 year old. He was an accomplished ball -playing full back, something of a rarity in an era where the defenders were expected to get rid of the ball rather than look for telling passes. Taggart then joined West Bromwich Albion. He had stepped down a level when he earned this, his only international cap. 

Tommy Ching  Morrison (Burnley)
 Morrison had won 3 previous caps whilst at Glentoran, and went on to make a total of 7 appearances for Ireland. He had 3 spells at both Glentoran and Burnley during his career, and also played for Manchester United and Celtic. He had the distinction of being a league championship winner in both Ireland and Scotland. Morison played at inside right or sometimes outside right. 

John Hanna (Royal Artillery Portsmouth)
Center forward Hanna won his only cap whilst playing for RAP in the Southern League.

Goodall was the only English based player selected for Ireland's trip to Celtic Park 3 weeks later when Scotland beat them 9-1.