Cevenini brothers

The five Cevenini brothers all played top class football, their collective careers spanning the years 1907- 1939, winning 8 league titles between them.

Cevenini I: Aldo- combined 200 games with Milan and Internazionale. Won 2 national championships, represented Italy 11 times (including the first international in 1910), scoring 3 goals.

 Cevenini II:Mario- a defender who represented both Milan giants and won 2 league titles.

 Cevenini III:Luigi -played for Internazionale 190 times in 3 spells and scored 156 goals, winning the Italian Prima Divisione title in 1920. He also represented Novese and Juventus. For Italy
 he scored 11 goals in 29 matches between 1915 and 1929, was captain on 7 occasions, and a  Central European International Cup winner.

Cevenini IV: Cesare - a defender, he won the Prima Divisione with Inter in 1919-20.

Cevenini V: Carlo- enjoyed success at Milan, Internazonale, Lazio and Novese, where he won the title in  1921-22.

 Aldo, Mario Luigi and Carlo all featuered in Novese's championship success of 1921-22.