Sheffield v Birmingham

During the first three seasons of its existence, the Birmingham FA followed the Sheffield Rules.
They only adopted the 'London Rules' of the Football Association when Birmingham clubs began to take an interest in the FA Cup.  Calthorpe, Aston Villa and Birmingham* entered in 1879.
The first representative match between the Sheffield an Birmingham Associations took place in November 1875.

Sheffield                                                                         Birmingham
E Bowling

H.H Webster
J.C Clegg

G Pears
W.E Clegg

J.H Cofield
(St George’s)
J Hunter

F Bill
R Gregory

J Campbell- Orr
W.H Stacey

J Carson
W Wilkinson

W.J Nicholls
(St George’s)
J Houseley
(Exchange/ Heeley)

F Barnes
Geo. Anthony

W Hundy
(Aston Unity)
W.H England

J Cartwright
(Aston Villa)
J Morton
(Clay Cross)

J.T Eldridge
(St George’s)
W Orton
(Wednesday/ Exchange)

G. A Quilter
Birmingham Daily Post - 22.11.75

The description of Orton's goal is priceless!  Interesting to note the existence of the Sheffield Footballers' Accident Society. The insurance scheme was launched in 1867. Players paid in a shilling - if a football injury prevented them from working they received 12 shillings per week. 

* This club had no connection with the later Birmingham (City)