The World ...1871

In 1871, when the Wanderers were beginning to feel their omnipotence, they issued a challenge to the Rest of the World.
A number of the players from the 1867 matches were still involved.  The World remained a very metropolitan outfit- R Smith of Queen's Park was now London based and also played for South Norwood.

The match was played at The Oval  on 25.03.71. It ended in a 1-1  draw, with goals from Howard and Dixon .

Both teams lined up 1-1-8
The World: W.R Dent (Forest Club)
W.S Rawson (Westminster School)- capped twice by England 1875-77
R.H Birkett (Clapham Rovers)- represented England at Association and Rugby.

S.R Tatham (Hampstead Heathens)
R.S.F Walker (Clapham Rovers)
G Holden (Clapham Rovers)
H.B Dixon (Westminster School)
W.C Butler (Civil Service)
R Smith (Queen’s Park) - represented Scotland in the 1872 international
R Barker (Hertfordshire Rangers) - played for England in the 1872 international
C.J Morice (Crystal Palace)- England international.

A.F Kinnaird
W.H Gladstone
Q Hogg
C.W Alcock
A.J Baker
W.P Crake
A.W.H Howard
C.E.B Nepean
Hon T.H Pelham
T.C Hooman
R.W.S Vidal