Schaffer Alfréd, (aka Alfred Schaffer) played for 21 different clubs in a 15 year career. He played top level football in Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and the United States, and won league championships in 3 different countries (Hunagary, Germany and Austria). 
Spezi represented Hungary 15 times, scoring 17 goals.
He had 2 remarkable seasons with MTK (Magyar Testgyakorlók Köre Budapest Futball Club).
1917-18: 22 matches 46 goals.
1918-19: 19 matches 41 goals.
A feat made even more extraordinary when you consider that he had Imre Schlosser (the most prolific scorer in the history of Hungarian football ) alongside him. 
In the 1914-19 period he played 89 league games for MTK, scoring 154 goals!
He went on to enjoy a lengthy career as a manager in Germany, Austria,  Hungary, Romania and Italy.